Problem with syno conversion to test base?

  1. Problem with syno conversion to test base?

    I was in the process of converting my syno-h to test base and was wondering if it is normal to have alot of sediment after adding the saturated Lye solution? When I added it to my syno+heet mixture it turned yellow.

    I am wondering if this sediment is Test precipitating out.

    So I am wondering if I should filter out all this sediment before I add the dripping distilled water, or if I should not worry about it?

    Also the directions call for red devil lye, but I couldn't find this and used Rooto Plumbing lye. It says it contains 100% lye, and lists NaOH as the only ingredient. So This should be fine right?

    Well any input would greatly be appreciated, I hope not to have ruined my first batch of test base.

  2. Thanks alot Klaus, I didn't filter the sediment from the lye solution and dripped the water to create the test crystals. After filtering and rinsing these crystals many times they are still a yellowish color. I am wondering if I should resuspend these yellow crystals in Heet, and then precipate them out again?

    Also what is a 1 F solution? Since my product is yellow, should I toss it and try the conversion again? I would like the crystals to be pure enough to inject.

    Thanks for your advice Klaus, this is my first batch of Test base.

  3. Thanks Klaus for your help in this matter, I think I'll just have to start over and toss the crystals. The next batch I will try will be 5 carts of syno, for 10g of test base.

    If you could send me the conversion ratio for 5c of syno I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Also do you think it would be wise to take this test base that is just a bit yellow, and use it in a transdermal application? I filtered it like 30 times and got most of the yellow color out.

    I am thinking of just buying a propionate kit, so I don't waste anymore syno.

    Whats your thoughts on the kits that remove the estrodiol? Or they pretty easy, because I am a bit worried I will waste another 5c of syno..

    Thanks again

  4. universalkits sells a prop kit I wonder if it hurts.

  5. Ah very interesting info Klaus, thanks again. I'm looking forward to starting this next conversion, and look forward to seeing some nice white crystals instead of the yellowish s#!t I have now hehe



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