Can i get some last minute advice on my SD Cycle?

  1. Can i get some last minute advice on my SD Cycle?

    Hey All, i have been pre loading safe guard supps for 12 days and am prob gona go another 7 just to ensure the hawthorne berry has kicked in.(RYR,CoQ10,Hawthrone,Polico sanol,Thistle) and will continue to run these supps through my 3 week cycle and my 4 week PCT.

    Cycle is as follows:

    Week 1: SD 10mg
    Week 2: SD 20mg
    Week 3: SD 20mg

    PCT is als follows:

    Day 1 : 60 mg of Nolva/25mg of RXT
    Day 2-7: 40mg of Nolva/25mg of RXT
    Day 8-14:30mg of Nolva/50mg of RXT
    Day 15-22: 20mg of Nolva/50mg of RXT
    Day 23-29: 10mg of Nolva/75mg of RXT

    I will also be taking RETAIN and Fenugreek in split dosages thorughout my PCT. I have tuarine on hand for back pumps.

    2 questions. If you look at my PCT im running my Nolva inverse to my RXT to reduce a rebound effect of estrogen.. I have seen this done and have also had it recommended so has anyone tried it this way and can i get some advice on it.

    Next question is about the taurine.. I got 1000mg in a small bag, and i know i should take about 3mg.. I was told not to take the taurine everyday but only when i experience the back pumps.. Also what would be the best way to meausre 3 grms? Would that be equivalent to 1 TSP?

    Fire aways, looking for the best advice. Please let me know if there is anything you would change about my PCT, i have been researching and tweeking it for 3 weeks now.

  2. I'm still gonna advise you to 'try' just 10mgs to see how you respond. You may noy even need more. JMO.

    Taurine is safe to take year long I take about 5g/ day year long. It serve to provide muscle cell volume and works well with creatine etc. 1 tsp is about right for 3g. If I recall correctly it weighs about .5-.6 G/ml so if you have a metered scoop you could just scoop it out. Plus or minus a few 1/2 grams is going to be of little difference really.

  3. thanks B150, ill take that into consideration...

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