a little gyno concern during my cycle

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    a little gyno concern during my cycle

    I'm starting week 5 of my test e/deca/dbol (almost done with the dbol) cycle...

    I had some gyno symptoms so about 5 days ago I started NOLVA at 20mgs every day, it seems to have stoped the problem from getting any worse but I still feel MINOR tenderness and see Minor puffiness...should I stay with 20mgs every day, what type of time frame is normal for this sort of flare up...?

    also what do you guys think about me adding some adex, either now or later in the cycle, if I get to much bloat, what is a good dosage for how long of a period of time...

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    deca can create a different kind of gyno not through the direct actions of estrogen which would cause breast augmentation, but of mostly nipple puffiness. its due to its progestational properties it sometimes cant be stopped by nolva or any AIs. b-6 200mg a day should help stop it but if you want the good stuff and really stop it get some cabergoline.

    as for the adex you can take .5mg ED-EOD. go with EOD first to see how it works out.

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