Possible Prohormone Ban: Read Here!

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  1. The number of co-sponsers has grown to 8 on H.R.207.

    Rep Christensen, Donna M. - 1/27/2003 [VI]
    Rep Gordon, Bart - 1/27/2003 [TN-6]
    Rep Janklow, William J. - 1/27/2003 [SD]
    Rep McNulty, Michael R. - 1/27/2003 [NY-21]
    Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes - 1/29/2003 [DC]
    Rep Osborne, Tom - 1/7/2003 [NE-3]
    Rep Sessions, Pete - 2/25/2003 [TX-32]
    Rep Terry, Lee - 3/11/2003 [NE-2]

    There has been NO amendments to the bill at this time.

  2. A letter

    I actually received a response from a senator, only took about 4 or 5 months Very generic, that's what I expected though
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  3. heh, ill probably be receiving one of those to. i live in PA as well.
    have u guys heard of the "Skinny Pill for Kids?" or the "Pedialean?"

    i dunno about u, but i think that these are the ones that are biting us in the a$$, by marketing to kids, etc.

    if so, ill volunteer to snipe em out, and put an end to their business, cuz their just ruinin it for themselves and more importantly us, the responsible users.

  4. More BS

  5. At least he wrote a letter and and not a three sentence BS response! Things have been totally quiet on the other bill.

  6. i got two of mine back the other day. the one from Senator Rick Santorum said that since he is senate he cannot vote on the topic.

    the other from Senator Arlen Spector basicly just repeated my letter.

    i agree, this is indeed BS.


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