4AD and 1test cycle

  1. 4AD and 1test cycle

    I have 4AD Powder (25 grams) and some oral 1test (Cyclo 1-T Complex which is 19g of 1test.

    Do you think for an oral cycle 1g of 4AD and a few 250mg of 1test a day for like 20-25 days is ok?

    How would you plan a 20-25 day cycle such that i use more 4AD at beginng and lean out towards the end with the 1test?

  2. oral 4-ad is useless, make it trans, it'll last for 40-50 days, don't bother to run for less than 4 weeks for sure.

  3. i ran 900mg of 4AD ergopharm caps for 3 weeks with SD and just noticed a lack of ED compared to LMG and SD.
    i might just stick to Tbol but havent got it yet from my source. just thinkning of a plan B in case my plan A (tbol) fails

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