My 3 week sd recap

  1. My 3 week sd recap

    I made a log on another board so im just going to copy paste my log. onto here to see what you guys think. here are my stats pre sd

    164lbs 10-11% rep bench 155x4 squat 255x6 db shoulder press 55lbsx6, incline db 50x6

    2 1/2 weeks into sd 183lbs 12%bf 180lbsx5 squats 290x6 db shoulder press, 65x7 db incline 70x6

    Hello every one come monday december 5th im going to be starting my SD log, i have every thing in order so no need to tell me about my dossage and my serm every thing is taken place, this log is just to track my weight gains and strength gains, along with what ever sides that show up.

    I have been training for 3 years, with supplements for 2 years, Currently taking Whey protein, Mega mens Multi, & for the last week i have been loading with milk thristle for liver protection.

    6'0 168lbs 10%BF

    looking forward to this log my friend went on SD and blew up so i hope it does the same for me. i will post monday afternoon my results of my first work out

    Day 2

    Today was my first day on SD, i took 10mgs at lunch time 2 hours before i worked out

    today i worked chest and triceps, overall a average workout nothing to out of the ordenary.. my DB incline went up to 60x6 today a improvement of 5lbs over last week. i never really was one for placeobos so i did not expect to notice any thing differnt today.. tommorw is legs and shoulders ill keep this log up

    Day 3

    Today i lifted Legs and shoulders together

    squats were up 1 rep, DB shoulderpress was up 5lbs im finaly hitting up 60's
    no amazing pump yet or anything like that, no sides as of yet only day 2.. i will continue 10mgs a day every day at lunch untill monday then i will start 20mgs

    I took SD once again at lunch, felt a little hungover the whole day. im going to bump my water intake to two gallons per day.

    Today was Back & biceps, i weighed my self at a dry 172. i was pumped about hitting the 170 mark. strength was about the same, other then my pulldowns were up 10lbs on WG & V-bar.

    Side note the pumps were unreal today cant wait till friday. taking tommorw off due to a long work schedule mixed with school

    day 4

    Today i had work till 6pm so i did not lift, ill be lifting again tommorw, no sides so far that i can tell..i kinda feel a little hungover in the morning still but other then that nothing really...

    tommorw ill be training my chest again as it is a lagging muscle for me

    Day 5

    Friday chest tris's and a little back

    weight is up to 174 i made a type when i first weighed my self it was at 164.. im up 10lbs in less then a week this **** is serrious..

    every single lift is up strength is there and pumps are crazy, i feel so swole after i lift.

    so far only side is some joint pain in my wrist but thats about it...

    im at the same BF% i wish every one that i go to school with could see me while i was pumped, i might go in tommorw and rehit my legs i feel like my healing time is far greater on SD then normaly

    day 7

    chest today weight stayed the same... my weekend wasnt the best as far as diet goes so im happy i didnt lose any thing... today i took 10mgs at 8am and then 10mgs more at 12:20pm

    i worked out at 2pm i was training chest and triceps today

    bench was up 5lbs, and skullcrushers were up 10lbs... people are starting to notice a little change in me my girlfriend noticed that my shirts are filling out alot more now.

    i will continue 20mgs through this week.

    day 9

    wensday legs and shoulders

    3rd day of 20mgs weighed in at 176 dry

    squats 275x7 then 285x6 x2

    shoulder press got 60lbs x8 up from last week every thing else felt strong every single lift im up.

    side effects... none to date acne is non excistent i have none

    day 10

    Thursday back and biceps

    Pulldowns were up along with EZ bar curs and straight bar curls

    my weighed in at 176 again today... adding 1 more cup of oats a day to my diet. i hope to be 183ish by the end of the cycle... if i hit 183 by monday the 26th ill stop my cycle then

    day 11

    weight is at 176 planning on craming in the carbs this week so i can hit 180 by next friday..

    chest and triceps today... i hit the same number on bench but for 1 more rep.

    Db incline is up to 65lbs x7 dips are also up to 55lbs+BW x7 reps

    overall a good lift last night my gf came over... and i took off my shirt she was stunned ... my lats have exploded she has never seen a V taper really before so she was kinda in Ahh. my delts have grown in size as well.

    day 14

    Monday weighed in at 181lbs

    felt good to break 180lbs...

    bench was up 5lbs, inlince db press was also up again.
    but my dips is what increased the most... i'm using 45lbs+25lbs + my bodyweight for 6 reps in my dips.

    skullcrushers were also up.. ... i cant beilve sd works so well, i couldnt gain weight for sh!t and my diet is almost the exact same on sd as it was normaly and i have went up almost 20lbs... crazy

    day 15

    Wensday- Shoulders and legs

    i hit 290x6 for squats today felt great to keep on adding plates to the bar. for db shoulder press i hit 65lbsx6 every lift felt good

    Thursday- back and biceps

    today i weghed in 183lbs, ez bar curls were up 5lbs, rest of lifts were good, back feels really sore.

    im starting to get some pimples on my face 2 of them so far.. other then that no new sides

  2. Any before/after pics?

  3. Nope sorry no acess to a camera

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