Dieting while on SD

  1. Dieting while on SD

    I did a search and didn't find anyone who had reported dieting while on SD at 10mg a day. Does anyone have any experience with it? Did it help retain muscle? Did you gain muscle? Did it aid in fat loss? How bad was cramping, if at all, and so on?

  2. wouldnt do it tbh. gains are lean enough. u need lots of both types of carbs . lean bulk at most

  3. I posted something similar and not much response. To be honest, I am still going to do it as part of my show prep. I am not overly carb sensitive so looking forward to it!!

  4. I ran it at 20 ed with 4mg ed Trimax for 4 weeks and felt great. I think Trimax or T3 cut down on the amount of glycogen uptake that SD is known for that can cause hypoglycemia if carbs are too low. I will use it again with T3 but I would be wary cutting with SD solo.
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  5. Try some acetyl-l-carnitine while dieting on SD. Alcar trasports fat mostly to the nervous system to be burnt, and this can save you from major lethargy from hypoglycemia. It kinda shifts the energy metabolism of the brain to fats. Sort of. No need to go insane with the dosage, 200mg 2x ED can suffice.

  6. I was taking a gram a day when cutting.
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  7. I am currently running a SD/Prostanz cycle. I am keeping the cals tight and attemtpting to run a 45/40 split of protein/carbs. Eating extremely clean. I am gaining but losing BF as well. No cardio. Currently on 20 SD and 100 Pro. You can take the ride with me here. SD/Prostanz Cycle


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