first SD cycle need help on workout routine

  1. first SD cycle need help on workout routine

    ok, i'm about to do my first sd cycle. so far i have been loading up on vitamins for the past 2 weeks here they are:

    milk thistle
    hawthorne berry
    red yeast rice
    flax seed oil
    multi vitamin

    for my workout i do 16 sets on each body part 5 times a week:
    mon- back
    tuesday- chest
    wednesday- off
    thursday- biceps
    friday- triceps
    saturday- shoulders and legs

    now when im on my cycle i want to workout each body part 2 times a week one day hit it up hard and the other day just hit it up light this way i get to work it out 8 times instead of 4.
    thats where i need some help i was hoping i can get some ideas of a good workout routine while i'm on the cycle.

    i'm 5' 10" 165 lbs. 13% bf

    i will be taking in about 3500 calories a day maybe 4000 and my pct will be

    All the vitamins
    rebound xt

    let me know if this all looks good iknow theres like 100 threads on sd cycles, i just want a good routine to get the best size gain. thanks

  2. no i didnt realize it, i just moved it so it should be good now.

  3. I usually do a 5 day split but I am going to change that up for an upcoming cycle. I was doing a little digging and found an excellent post. He's obviously got his **** down.

    How much is too much volume?

    I like the reasoning and will make a routine based on it. I'll let you know if I learn anything worthwhile that could be of assistance.

    By the way, don't feel like an idiot. Everyone does something similar
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  4. Does anybody have any other routines that might help?

  5. MAX-OT or HST but i would recommend MAX-OT



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