Drug testing questions.

  1. Drug testing questions.

    Ok, I consulted the people who run the contest I will be participating in in July about prohormones and whether they are banned substances and they informed me that they were ok as long as recommended dosages were not exceeded. The one thing they did mention though is that some prohormones will make you test positive for steroids for example N19 use will result in a positive test for nandrolone I believe.

    What I would like to know is do the other prohormones cause a positive test and how long should I stop taking them before a contest to avoid this. I will abide by the contest rules as I have no interest in cheating or trying to decieve anybody, I just don't want to test positive for steroids.

    Oh and if it's possible could I get the results for both urine and blood tests.

  2. You've already pegged the biggie (nordiol -> nandrolone) but 1,4 may test positive for boldone (EQ).


  3. I remember emailing Bill Llewellyn about the detection times of  certain prohormones.. He told me that many of them clear the bloodstream in a matter of weeks, and the main ones to watch for (1,4andro and 19nors) usually take abit longer.. While cutting, I'd say to use a hardening type of ph, (5AA, 1AD) since they have the closest chemical make up to dht, and dht isn't detectable in tests. At least not a test that a "natural" federation would give.. I could be abit off..

  4. So the T1 pro should be safe to use up to a month before the contest.

  5. Originally posted by DreamWeaver
    So the T1 pro should be safe to use up to a month before the contest.
    Depending on the type of  "testing"  they do.. Since you're using a gel with an aromatizable ph (4AD), you can use it up to a month before the show.. 4AD should clear your bloodstream after 10 days of your last dose, and 1-test if I can recall, lasts about 14 days..

    By testing, I mean either urinalysis, or Polygraph (lie detector).. The polygraph can be beaten easy, it's the urinalysis that can get you popped..


  6. Oh I'm not trying to beat the polygraph, I would never do that. Like I said anything that can be bought accross the counter is legal in the contest as long as you don't test positive for steroids.

    60X0 won't cause any problems will it. Like I said I'm pretty ignorant about this stuff and just want to make sure.

    Why is the polygraph so easy to beat.

  7. Polygraphs basically work off the body's stress response.. Your heart rate, even your skin texture changes when you speak.. that explains the doohickie on your finger, and the heart monitor they strap to you.. As long as you remain relaxed, and don't think about the answer, you'll pass... It also helps to be on ECA while you take it..

    6oxo shouldn't raise your test levels any higher than the standard test:epitest ratio, which is a failure if it's over 6 points..


  8. I have taken a polygrogh done by a polcieman and there is no way I could lie to it (I tried) these guys at the contests are either incompetent or they don't really care I have always suspected the latter.

    Anyway I have no intention of lying as I am staying within the rules they layed out.

  9. Whoa!

    I'm in no way of saying you should "lie"...   It's just a way to make sure the reading doesn't get skewed.. For example, I did a show where I needed a polygraph, I made the meter go crazy when the tester asked the dumb questions, but it stopped when I was asked about anabolics.. Get me now..


  10. Yah I get it


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