Shelf life of hormones in T-gel...

  1. Shelf life of hormones in T-gel...

    How long will 1test and 4AD last in a bottle of t-gel? Im thinking of getting 12g of 1test,Tgel and a bottle of T4 to finish my cycle. (I lost about a weeks worth of T1). Ill have plenty left over in that case, but I probably wont do another cycle for quite some time.


  2. Bumpidy - Bump.

    Does anyone know the answer to this question? I wouldn't mind laying out some cash now for some PH's but I want to know how long they will last in sollution & if refridgeration would help.


  3. Hey bud, what happened? A weeks worth is quite a bit!

  4. I've heard upto a year if you freeze it, but I can't confirm that... Chemo?

  5. If you tried to freeze T1, youd definately have a 4AD precipitation problem. Poolman - I took my T1 out of the bottle and tried to remix it...what I couldnt get back in I rubbed on. I felt like a 14 year old in a warehouse full of porn the next day


  6. HAHA!


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