Nolva or arimidex

  1. Question Nolva or arimidex

    Wich do you guys think is a better anti estro?In my research I have read that nolva competes with test at the receptor site?Anybody have a suggestion?

  2. Arimidex is an AI.
    Nolvadex is a SERM.

    So depending on what your objective is, will depend on the drug usage in my opinion. For controlling gyno, I feel nolva is the better choice. For post cycle, nolvadex is the better choice. For estrogen manipulation, arimidex is the better choice.

  3. Thanx for ur input. Luckly I have never had problems with gyno "knock on wood" some guys look at test and get it,but Ive been fortunate, hey thanx again.

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