finished cycle want to get blood work

  1. finished cycle want to get blood work

    i finished my pct a week ago. i want to get some blood work done. how do i go about going to the doctors office and asking them? i have never gotten it done before. do i just go in and say i want you to check my blood? doesnt that seem shady and will they give me the results. i know telling the doc about aas use is not a good thing so anyone want to throw me a bone here?

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    just tell them you want to get some bloodwork done, if they ask why, say you've been feeling tired etc... they shouldnt ask questions though..

  3. I've had good results with Health Tests Direct:

  4. That ones no good if you're a Jersey boy, thanks to the cocksucking-mother****ing-cumeating-****bag politticians here in the garden state. Nice link though.

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