Harsh pain after injection

  1. Harsh pain after injection

    Help needed.. It has been 5 days since i started my cycle of sust. mon 1cc in right thigh., weds. 1cc in left thigh. I can barely walk at this point because my quads are so sore and tightened. Since the day after my first shot i have had an insane fever. I wake up 3-4 times a night drenched in sweat having to change boxers most of the time. My first injection caused a 6''x9'' spot where i injected, to swell and redden for a couple days, the swelling seemed to subside mostly but it is still very sore and redish now and then. The spot has some fever. Could i have a chemical abcess? Or would this just be the test flu and the sust needs to be filtered again?

  2. The swelling and soreness is a problem for some when they use a product with prop in it. The fever however makes me think you might have an infection. If it was me I would go to a dr for a checkup.

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