Please help with dosing t-3 and Clen together..

  1. Question Please help with dosing t-3 and Clen together..

    I will be running these for 1 month together...along with Ectotropin..

    what dosing shcdule would be recommended?

    I have used clen and t-3 separately before...

    but I am always open to more input..

    running them together, what is the best dose for me? Can someone hook me up with a good dose schedule?


  2. I would run the same dosing schedule together as you did separately. You know how you react to each and everyone is differant. Ramp the dosage on both and see how it goes. Are you running any AAS to combat catabolism?
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  3. I'd go ecto 5 on/2 off (as suggested), I'd go with clen (ramped up only) starting at 20mcg and maxing at 160mcg/day (run the whole month straight with ketotifen or benadryl at night AT LEAST week 4, but probably week 3 and 4. I'd run the T3 at the standard 1 month ramp up-ramp down protocol.

    As effective as this stack may be, remember that your diet will be the maker or breaker of the deal! I'd also suggest extra rest (sleep, if you can swing it), lots of H20, a mineral supp and taurine and potassium daily to prevent cramping. Best of luck!

  4. no AAS right now..I know the catabolism is going to be a bitch..but I am really focusing on fat loss right now, and as far as AAS right now...I am trying to stay away from them for various reasons ( Used a decent amount in the past).
    Shouldn't the clen help out at least a little as far as muscle sparing effects go?

    Also, would Superdrol be a good idea for a couple of weeks? Or would the T-3/HPTA shutdown at the same time not be worth it after only 1 month?

    What would you consider "must-haves' as far as supplements to combat the rebound from coming off t-3 and clen after a month?
    I have some cAMPHOBOLIC and Retain as well...anything else to get everything back up to speed ASAP?

    Thanks again!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FENRIR
    Shouldn't the clen help out at least a little as far as muscle sparing effects go?
    In theory, yes.

  6. in rats; yes. the studies saying that clen is anabolic are performed on rats. rats have different ratios of receptors than humans have. plus a dose that proved anabolic to rats would kill a human when adjusted for weight

  7. Superdrol is an AAS. I have ran SD on a cut and liked it a lot. Others complain of hypoglycemia so be sure to eat carbs. I would run it for 3-5 weeks at a lower dose than for bulking and run a full PCT after.

    I personally will never run T3 without AAS, LBM is just too hard to come by for me to just throw it down the drain.
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  8. I have some phentermine laying around too...would that be a good idea to use post t-3 and clen to keep my appetite in check? or would that just **** things up worse and keep me from equalizing? Thanks!

  9. Also,
    realistically, how much weight could I expect to lose?

    Provided I keep my cals under 2k and do cardio 3 days a week in the AM on an empty stomach ( I don't want to overdo cardio with T-3 AND clen doing it's thin on my heart and cardiovascular system).....

    I liked clen alot, and never really saw anything from t-3 (used it with HGH at about 50mcg, which may explain)

    But anyways, I really appreciate the answers! Thanks!

  10. i would work more on getting diet/cardio under control. using t3 with no results means either it was bunk and you got screwed; or you didn't diet and exercise. t3 is powerful stuff

  11. Chasec,
    yeah I took the T-3 while on HGH. I wasn't trying to cut, so I was taking small doses of T-3 just to make up for the deficiency that HGH can I guess that may explain it...

    I am doing good with diet...I eat well under 2K calories a day (yeah I am sure I am losing muscle too, but ecto makes it really hard to eat)..and I am going to be running 3 times a week on an empty stomach (maybe more if the clen/t-3 don't mess with me too much on BP,etc...

    I think I can drop about 10-12 lbs by January 6th..what about you? Is it feasible provided the basics are well covered?


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