I give up Thinking about going natural

  1. Thumbs down I give up Thinking about going natural

    4 days ago I started a Finigenx only cycle 4 ml two times a day. Now I feeling pressure in the prostate region. I was thinking Finigenx was the least likely “legal steroid” to agitate the prostate area. I'm not really sure what to do, I had this problem before and nothing seems to work. Saw Palmetto gives me terrible heart burn, pumpkin seed oil dose nothing. I don't think Finigenx evens converts to DHT . Not really sure what to do except wrap it up and go natural.

  2. Dude, I know nothing about you persoanlly but, if your diet is 100% in check and you lift properlly you will continue to gain both strength and mass. It will be slower and you will have to work harder but is causing health problems worth the risk? Everyone(including myself) are taking risks by using "steriod" type supplements. Maybe you should change your goals and expectations or lengthen your time frame for reaching your goals. Again, none of this is meant as a flame on you or your training. Just take some time and prioratize. Have you spoken to a doc? Whatever you decide, good luck and dont give up!

  3. My friends a doctor but he knows nothing about steroids. I hate to give up hormones, 3 years ago I did a 1-AD, Nor-Doil cycle and made perminate changes in my body that I love. I'm 6' 170 pounds, 32 years old. 4 years ago I started lifting at a weight of 149. It gets hard for me to bulk because of slight IBS I have. I must eat very clean and if my IBS starts I lose my gains easy. Hormones helped me a great deal the first cycle was great but every try after that was a failure because of the above prostate issue.
    My IBS is now under control, I had issues 6 months ago and went down to 155 but now I'm back up to 170 again. I'll never give up I making very impressive natural gains, just thought it might be a good time to give my self a boost since everything seems to be in line now.

  4. theres nothing wrong with going natural

  5. Milk that thing bro!

  6. You could try finasteride or proscar or something while on cycle. I read in one of Author L. Rea's books that finasteride has some ability to bind to the DHT receptors and block other compounds from binding. This is not the main way finasteride works to block DHT, but it is a nice side benefit.

    You could also experiment with the different hormonal products out there to find out which ones give you fewer problems.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 400runner
    theres nothing wrong with going natural
    Whats that?

  8. Are you sure it is your prostate?

    Many times it turns out to be something different and is easy to fix.

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