ending sd during 1ad cycle,start pct?

  1. ending sd during 1ad cycle,start pct?

    Hey fellas, i am currently at day 22 of a 1ad/sd cycle.

    week 1 300/1ad 10 sd
    week 2 300/1ad 20 sd
    week 3 300/1ad 30 sd

    i plan on continuing the 1ad for another 3 weeks at 400/1ad per day but the question is since i am not continuing the sd should i start pct now or wait till i am off 1AD. thanks in advance.

    Also i may add for people considering this cycle , that the gains were not that impressive. I have run an sd cycle before by itself and gained more then taking sd and 1ad combined. I will say however i noticed minimal sides, and though my gains were minimal, but for having a small frame like mine i cut up nicely.

    Aslo as far as pct goes, on these supplements, what should i use, considering i have a full bottle of novedex xt/ rebound xt /and 6oxo. Thanks

  2. Either quit the 1ad at the same time or wait till your finished with the 1ad before starting PCT.

    If you "cut up" while on SD you probably did not eat enough. IMO
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  3. thanks, my diet was/is the same when i did sd solo. Anyhow ill take your advice and start when i finsih off the second bottle of 1 ad. Hell im such a newb. I dont know this **** cost so much, im tring to get the all out of each cycle.

    Hmm. Or should i hold onto the extra bottle till my pp/sd run around jan/feb. thanks bro.

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