Clen and some other quesitons

  1. Clen and some other quesitons

    today I got into a conversation with some know-it-all...

    I was under the impression that clenbuterol was considered a "steroid"...he said steroids are substances that are derivatives of testosterone...what the real truth

    He also tried to lecture me on HCG, which I think I am right about, he said it greatly helped with strength gains and didn't agree...?

    3rd he said Clomid caused acne, I said the reason you get increased acne is becaause you take clomid for pct, when your body's hormone's level are greatly changing (decrease in test)...

    what is the truth about this stuff?

  2. clen is not a steriod .. its a bronchial dialator (sp)

    hcg won't help with strength gains

    clomid doesn't cause acne .. the hormonal imbalance experienced during PCT causes acne

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  3. I got bad acne just trying 50 mgs. a day of Rebound by itself (not PCT).

    So, Clomid isn't some magical "acne causer" PCT product.

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