Those with kitchen exp.

  1. Lightbulb Those with kitchen exp.

    I am currently looking into homebrewing mainly for the HUGE savings somethin like 90 percent over buying premade. Actually two questions: This will be my first run EVER so what do you fellas think about a newb homebrewing for this prurpose rather than buying UG or any other premade gear? Btw 6'1" about 210 on a prolonged cruise. Blasting I'm somewhere between 218-223 training DC style
    Second: How would evryone compare the gains of homebrew vs. UG or vet? same? I like the idea of controlling and KNOWING what my goodies are dosed at. If I die I'd rather it be my fault, ya dig?. Thx in advance-P...

    DISCLAIMER: Parzival is a fictitious fool and chronic insomniac. This post is a merely to demonstrate what happens physiologically with sleep deprivation and too much sex(hallucinations, delusions of grandeur etc.) and is in no way to be taken as literal truth. While your in the kitchen, would you make me a sandwich? Please?

  2. Well it doesn't matter where you get your gear as far as dose in concerned as 250mg of Test is 250mg of test regardless of who is making it. I personally wouldn't use vet gear due to the lower sanitary conditions used, in my eyes anyways.

    I would just suggest that you do your homework and know exactally what you are doing and why you are doing it. The most important thing is to make sure that you are operating undersanitary conditions. Now you don't have to build a clean room but just be aware.

    Don't forget you are making a compund that you will be injecting deep intoyour body and if it is dirty gear you run the risk of having a doctor cutting an abcess out of your muscle that is equally deep.

    Make sure you use all sterilzed vials for the final product and filter properly and work cleanly.

    Again first and foremost make sure you fully understand what you are doing. It isn't hard just don't make it more complicatedthen it has to be and you'll do fine.


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