orastan e with rebound xt

  1. orastan e with rebound xt

    i am having a bizarre problem it seems as though since my cycle sd/pp i have gained fat and i definitely havent lost any weight even though i am eating clean i was wondering if it would be ok to take some orastn ( i have some left over) with my rebxt thanks for the replies in advance

  2. too lean out a bit

    maybe like 2 weeks worh just to lean out a bit

  3. I did Just that. After I quit my SD/ERGO (4 weeks) I switched to Prostanz for a week and a half and started PCT.
    I gained weight, lost most of my 6pack. Honestly though, I didnt do any cardio post cycle, but I walk 4 miles a day to/from work, so there hasnt been a need.
    I dont think adding the prostanz will help you loose any weight. I have kept the 10 or 12 pounds I put on though after the SD and PP using the Prostz and PCT.
    It seems like Im just going to have to wait a few weeks, then I might try to cut some if I dont return to normal bf by then.
    If I need to, the plan would be to pop 50mgs of the porostanz before the gym on days I'll add cardio (either every other day or 3rd day) to begin with. (dont want to burn my newly acquired USDA grade A beef)

    The bitch thing is that PRostanz doesnt really seem to "act" like winny, but more of another designer supp( ummm,.. explained poorly: Like taking regular/original Andro after your cycle-

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