T1 Pro or T1

  1. T1 Pro or T1

    I am looking to increase in mass. I do not need the strength gains as much as I would like the mass. I was wondering if I should take T1 or T1 Pro. Also how long will it last if I am doing 3 squirts a day. Where do I need to rub the stuff?

  2. T1, about 20 days.

    Rub on all thin skinned hairless areas. If you need to shave do so.

  3. how come the T1 pro last so much longer? So all I need to do is go to the member store and order T1 and that's all i need to rub it on me. Nothing to mixit in or anything? And should i get to bottles of T1?

  4. How old are you? T1Pro is mostly 1test with a little 4AD to balance out the negative sides. T1 has 5g 1test and 10g 4ad, for maximum mass and strength gains. You wont get the mass unless you have your diet down, and plan for proper post cycle recovery. T1Pro lasts longer because you have to use less of it to get the same amount of 1test. (166mg/day for a moderate dose)


  5. No I would recomend the t1 for 30days. That will be 333 4-ad and 166 1-test. A very good mass stack for a beginner... Talk to ya...

    PS Think about what you need for post cycle as well. Talk t ya..
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  6. Bump Curt, although I would opt for a higher dosing of T1.

  7. my first ever transdermal use was the T-1 at 333mg 4ad and 166mg 1-test (moderate dosage, 2 squirts x 2 per day). Satisfied. I up the same use of T-1 for my second ever cycle (3 squirts, twice a day) and was satisfied. I think this being lilhibbs first transdermal use, he will be solid with the moderate dosage. Sage
  8. 1test

    I'm also thinking of getting some 1test for 1 cycle to try it out.

    Is 6oxo good for the post cycle after 1 test?

    I know I should read, read and read because I'm new to the forum, but I have been reading for the past 2 weeks before I've even posted.

    Thanks everyone, I'm here to learn from the best!!

  9. Cableman67 try www.liqua-solutions.com
    Liquid clomid or nolva are cheaper and more effective for the research you want to do.
  10. Liquid clomid or nolva


    Could you PM on how to use this?

  11. Re: Liquid clomid or nolva

    Originally posted by CableMan67

    Could you PM on how to use this?

    Read the FAQ:

    Clomid/Novladex Liquid FAQ
  12. Thanks


    Thanks man!!!

    That's a great FAQ.

  13. Whenever possible it is better to use nolva or clomid. The liqu-solutions stuff is supposed to be very good... Talk to ya...
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  14. After what is said about the taste of Clomid I'd go with the Novl. Unless injecting it into gel tabs. Novl cost a little more but is a good thing to have handy if gyno rears it's ugly head.


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