rebound xt for pct on a light cycle

  1. rebound xt for pct on a light cycle

    Hi again guys, i am on a light first cycle of qv250 , only 1cc a week, do you think rebound xt and lean extreme is sufficient for pct? and if so will 4 weeks do it? thanks.

  2. that would probably do it. some will say get clomid or nolva. how long is your cycle?

  3. Why risk it? Get nolva or clomid.

  4. well i screwed up and didnt have all my gear in hand when i started (shame on me) . i was told "no problem i would have it"and now he is out of it. so i need to try a otc pct ,i have been reading that rebound is pretty good if the alternative clomid or nolva isnt avail. my cycle is 10 weeks, i still have some time about 5 weeks but i want something on the shelf so i dont have to wory about it.

  5. rxt would work. many have done rxt only pct and been fine.

  6. thanks man, i am gonna try it. i will post my results.


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