masterson and hair loss

  1. masterson and hair loss

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  2. either will accelerate the process .. both are bad in terms of that

  3. Masteron it's a DHT derivative.

  4. tren is no better as its SUPER androgenic the A:A ratio is 500:500 .. test's is 100:100

  5. Ya tren would also be hard on the hair just saying though a pure DHT derivative is DEFINITELY gunna be hard on the hair.

  6. well that depends on your predisposition to hairloss

    i've used masteron in the past and experience zero hairloss

  7. thanks glen I figured when masteron is brought up you would chim in

  8. haha .. i know i tend to chime in often with masteron ... its just its expensive and a lot of people aren't aware of what effects the hormone actually has .. i don't want people to waste their money and time

  9. Yeah I was acctually looking into it after reading BTPB and ALR used it in a bunch of his protocol for acctually adding mass plus tren ace and tren E are both more expensive then masteron prop and masteron E from my source (kinda weird) along with that i have not tried it yet


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