found an old stash in my garage...?

  1. found an old stash in my garage...?

    1 - s1+
    2 - 6oxo
    2 - anti-e
    2 - sauce

    this stuff might have been in my garage for the past 4 to 6 months... does this stuff go bad?

  2. if its still sealed it should be good.

  3. your good; how did you forget?

  4. As long as it is sealed it you should be good to go like the others have posted.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by chasec
    your good; how did you forget?

    GF doesn't have a clue what i'm up to.... so i tend to hide stuff where she wont look and this time i guess i forgot about it.

  6. S1+ is the ****

  7. I *KNOW* I have a bottle of S1+ around here found yours, maybe i'll find mine now....

  8. its almost as good as finding money in your pocket.

  9. Super S1+ was the ****...

    i'm happy to find this because i was about to "re up".

  10. Correction, S1+ IS THE ****. This brings back fond memories

    It was my first PH cycle, back in the winter of 2002...2 bottles of S1+ over 6 weeks and 20lbs gained. I felt like I was a god. I'd say overall it is one of the best prohormone products EVER as far as gains:sides ratio and value is concerned. Non toxic, great for cutting or strenght/mass, not TOO expensive, but it did shut me down hard.

    It is the Test/EQ/DBOL stack of the PH world. Lucky you.


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