cycle underway - painless injections

  1. cycle underway - painless injections

    okay so I started my 2nd cycle on monday, deca/test/dbol...last cycle I did test/dbol it was from an underground lab...this time i went with pet pharm and QV brand stuff...first injection was deca/test about 2.5cc (vento glute), no pain at all, could barely feel I injected anything, today 2nd injecton 1cc test e...same thing different location (glute) only thing I think i'm feeling is the aftermath of the actual needle piercing my skin...on my first cycle after I injected I would get an almost sharp pain, from what felt like the oil setting it, I would message it and it would linger for a little while then go away, but I could definitly feel it the next day or two, with this stuff nothing of the sort, I couldent even tell I had injectied in the first place...

    my question, what gives?
    could this stuff be fake, or is my body usto injections now (even tho it's been about 5 months)...or is thiscommon with vet grade stuff?

  2. I went to the QV web site to try and check the batch number/expiration day mine is "QVE 029" "03 2008"

    I didn't see this on the page, can someone with some experience help me out please

  3. tattoopierced1
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    my QV stuff was the same way. Only 1 time did it burn, the other times, you couldnt even tell.

  4. has to do with BA% .. the higher the BA% the more the pain

  5. okay, I was looking up ways to spot fake gear, and it says the top of the bottel before you pop the lid, for QV it should have "QV" which mine does, and it says if it say "pop off" or "life off" whatever it was then it's most likely fake, on my Pet Pharma (what the deca is) is has that on the lid, anyone know if that theory of lid goes for Pet Pharma as well...

    Thanks for the help guys

  6. tattoopierced1
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    different companies use different things...


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