Cycle start, sickness start

  1. Cycle start, sickness start

    I started my test e/deca/dbol cycle on monday and earlier today I felt a sore throat comming on, I took some vitamin C and i'm praying this **** goes away...any recommendations?

  2. Every time I start a cycle I get sick its like clockwork. You have two long esters in there it will take a while to kick in anyway, if you get to sick keep doing your injections but hold off on the dbol till you feel better than throw it in. Thats what i would do anyway.

  3. I feel good this morning...phew, close call...thanks for the advice

  4. i also get sick every time i start a cycle. god knows why, but it takes 2 weeks off of my results in the end. it sucks

  5. Ive only done 2 1test/4AD cycles, but each time my immune system took a hit in the first week. Sleep a lot, take cold medacine and lots of vitamins - it should pass.




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