can i ever use 1-test again + rash question

  1. Unhappy can i ever use 1-test again + rash question

    i used ONE+ a long time ago... no problems then i used t1pro (I GOT GREAT RESULTS) but i got a BAD rash and had to stop i just applied one squirt last niite of t1pro (1test/4ad) and woke up with the rash full blown again.. im pissed i was hoping i could start this up again...

    btw whats the best thing to take for the rash?? please help

  2. Non-drowys anti-histamines will help to some degree, at least with symptoms. Do you have DMSO mixed in with your T1?

  3. Some people are extremely sensitive to 1-test. It helps to rotate the application sites, and when rashes do occur, apply 1% hydrocortisone cream to the affected area three times/day (make sure you wash the site first).

  4. yes dmso was added

    i will keep up with the hydrocortisone cream

    whats a good OTC anti-histamine that i should use?


  5. Hydrocortisone sounds dangerously similar to cortisol to me. Anyone have any input on that?

  6. There's nothing "dangerous" about it. It's a synthetic chemical similar to cortisol. You're relatively safe from the systemic absorption of over-the-counter steroids like hydrocortisone. It's all about the topical effect.

  7. Claritin is a good anti-histamine and it is OTC.

  8. Yep, that's an excellent antihistamine. Wish it wasn't so damn expensive.

  9. Depending on the time he uses hydrocortizone he may run into problems with it getting into his blood stream. Make sure it is not used at the same time as t1-pro or dmso and it should be ok.

  10. Yep. This is why I instructed to wash the area first. He should be rotating application areas anyway, so the hydro would be used on an off day for the site.

  11. see at this point i think i will never use it again.. i mean it has been months since i last used 1test and the first time i used it within hours i developed a BAD rash so i think i am done unless someone knows a sure fire way to prevent the rash..

    so now i am just concerned w/ clearing this rash up
  12. bsder
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    I went to drastic measures to solve the problem - I dropped the 4ad from my homebrew and did 1-test only. That way I could apply 2ml instead of 5. This did the trick for me.

  13. i would think that dropping the 1test would be the better option and if i wanted i could do 4ad again but for now im just gonna "stick" with the 4ad cyp so far soo good on that


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