SD & HALODROL Cycle?????

  1. SD & HALODROL Cycle?????

    I know there is not much out there for info on halo, but if halodrol is supposed to be OT-than could you stack it with SD. I stacked SD and PP and really liked it-but i had to cut pp stack short a week and a half due to an enlarged lymph node (hodgkins or Clot-test is tonight). I know SD is toxic but halo not as bad as originally thought. Any info would be appreciated. Depending on what happens with my neck-i might try this in spring or i might stick to pp, sd, & Prostan.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bignast
    I know SD is toxic but halo not as bad as originally thought. Any info would be appreciated.
    You know for a fact based on bloodwork of SD in your own body that it will not be toxic to you. You know for a fact that Halo is not bad by referencing whose bloodwork.

    You speculate a great deal on these serious considerations. I would find data to support such speculations before undertaking any endeavor. To stack these two is really not adviseable. To each his own.
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  3. I know they are both toxic, but people still decide to take them w/precautions. I made an informed decision and i am looking to make several more informed decisions!

  4. I'm not sure but aren't both compounds methylated? Isn't stacking oral methyls murder for the liver?

    I'm not sure, don't quote me. Just my .02

  5. stupid idea IMO

  6. I was thinking of a similar cycle to sd & pp. Wk1 -20 sd, wk2-30 sd, wk 3-20 sd & pp-10, wk 4 pp-20, wk 5 pp-20 or 30.


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