not liking results.. cycle ??'s

  1. not happy with results.. cycle ??'s

    k, i'm in my 5th week of 12 week cycle and only gained like 4 lbs... (taking in **** load of protein/apx. 350g/day and eating like 4000 cal./day)..
    test E 250(500mg a week)
    EQ 200(400mg a week)
    injecting mondays and thursdays
    not taking but have prop 100
    i've heard to take every 3 days but not sure how much to take and is that often enough for prop?..
    have been thinking of uping the dosages.
    am i taking in enough of the test E and EQ a week?... started off good but looks like results stopped.
    any feedback is greatly appreciated and please no **** talking.. getting tired of that.
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  2. 4lbs is a damn respectable gain if it's all lbm. in any case, have you noticed any sides? basically any indications that the gear is legit.

    how Much do you weigh?

  3. Things should just be kicking in now. Be patient and keep eating. I would hold off on the prop for now too but fwiw inj it eod. And don't up your dose. Given your diet is in check and gear is good you'll gain more.

  4. enan and eq take a while to kick in .. just keep on going and don't be concerned

    make sure you are ACTUALLY taking in 4k cal a day .. many people over estimate how much they are eating
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    How are you doing elsewhere? Strength up? Appetite up? Dont rely soley upon the scale to tell you if your cycle is working or not.

  6. thanks for the replies guys. yes stuff is legit and no side effects. never do really other than the anger issue.. ha ha. i take a ton of nutritional products omega 3's, fatty acids, B12, B6, ext..
    i weigh 188 hight is 5' 10" and body % fat is apx. 13 maybe less now (looking better)
    appitite is def up and strength is too(put up 335 on bench 8 times on 5th set) actually it seems as if the gear has kicked in the past few days, just wanting bigger like all of us..
    if i add the prop i was thinking of doing like a cc every 3 days is that enough or should i go for 2 cc's every 3 days?
    thanks for the help again

  7. I would hold off on the prop for now. The gains are just starting to kick in, meaning everything is going well, just keep the same level. This way you have less chance of sides, plus why use more gear than you need? If you grow off 500mgs, why use 750? It just rushes you to needing to use higher doses in the future. Grow off as little gear as you can right now, keeps you healthier in the long run, costs you less since you use less gear and helps keeps sides down.

  8. agreed, leave the prop out, it'd be different if you had just started the cycle but now it's just not worth it.

    fwiw, prop is ED or EOD.

  9. " weigh 188 hight is 5' 10" and body % fat is apx. 13 maybe less now (looking better)
    appitite is def up and strength is too(put up 335 on bench 8 times on 5th set) "

    Impressive, what were you doing before the cycle?
  10. thanks

    i was eating about 6 meals a day(clean, clean, clean food. i dont eat candy, no choc, no sodas, no junk food, nothing with too much sugar./i try not to have any really other than natural sugar from fruits) and working out 5 days a week(mon-fri). off on weekends(rest time) i take alot of nutritional products like i said earlier in the post from a company called Advocare and i really like the company but i feel that it is geard more to loosing weight and good nutrition than bulking(even in there Performance Elite line of products). i feel this is what has kept me cut up and lean throughout the past few years. maybe thats why i feel like i dont gain too much off a cycle when i do one because its good lean muscle and not fat at all... (not saying everyone gains fat off a cycle when they do one, just saying that it is the proper gain in my opinion.)

  11. How many cycles have you done btw?

  12. this is my 3rd but the first 2 were test alone and i didnt take anywhere near enough nor did i take it long enough either.. learn from your mistakes eh.. yea the 1st one i did test Enan 250 at 1cc a week and only did the cycle for 10 weeks.. i didnt really get much out of it but a little.
    the 2nd cycle i did test Enan 250 again but i did 500mg a week for 3 weeks then 750mg for like 6 weeks and last 3 weeks back to 500mg. i gained like almost 30 lbs but lost about 20lb of that shortly after i got off..

  13. wow why did you lose 20 lbs? just curious as to why you are 188 at 5-10 and on your third cycle, but you explained it. Everybody has to learn from their own mistakes. Lost most my gains off my first sd cycle too but adjusted and the second one kept them all so I feel you on that. Hopefully this one goes smoother just be patient and do a really good pct.

  14. yea i am taking alot more stuff now as far as creatine and glutamine goes and protein on top of that. the reason i lost so much from the last cycle is because i got married right after it and i had to do alot of stuff to help out for the actual wedding and all.. and didnt get to work out very much but im done with all that and back on the regular routine. i should do alot better with keeping the gains this time. im excited.

  15. Damn women!

  16. time time time, I think 12 weeks is a pretty short cycle for test/eq, just my 2c

  17. well i have no problem taking it longer but i was just under the impression that 12 weeks was the length to take a cycle... how long can i take this cycle?

  18. it all depends my last cycle was 20 weeks .. ubiq is running a 32 weeker

    nothing wrong with a 12 weeker though


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