Cycle waiting time after a Vasectomy

  1. Cycle waiting time after a Vasectomy

    I am planning on doing a PheraPlex/Finigenx combo for 4 weeks and finishing off with Superdrol for 3 weeks. I am getting a Vasectomy on Dec. 9th. The Doc says wait at least a day to 2 days before doing anything. i.e. working, working out etc.. Does anyone have the slightest idea as to when I could start my cycle after this whole snip, snip thing? Thanks guys.

  2. I had mine snipped last April the worst part for me was the shaveing the nuts thing hair growing back sucked. I went back to the gym after a week and a half, I was going crazy by this time, I had to stop and leave early in my work out things just didn't feel right yet. Took the rest of the week off and came back the next ready to go, so I would say from my experience to wait 2 weeks before going back to the gym as far as the cycle can't help you there.

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