Im using PRL for the first time and just got my gear, but I had a few ?'s. I cant find a website that tells their batch numbers, so im not sure how to tell if their gear is real or not. Im a little leary on the winny and test enanthat. The tren/prop seems fine, but the barcode reading on the winny with no seal and the mislable on the test E seems odd. Anyone have this batch or know if its normal. Thanks

Winny caps 50mg/50 count
batch #0621 exp 10/08
Then next to the barcode it reads 06210608
The things that worry me on the winny is the barcode reads june08 but the exp says oct08
also you unscrew the cap and there is no seal. Just cotton with half red/half white pills

Prop/Tren 200mg/ml
batch #0517 exp11/08
barcode reads 05171108
018146 is on the hologram

And lastly the Test enanthate
batch #1101 exp 12/08
barcode 11011208
holo reads 021138
The problem is it says 30ml on box and 30ml on vial when its 10ml.