Injection sight pain

  1. Exclamation Injection sight pain

    My wife gave me an HCG shot about 5 days ago and the sight has become moderately painful. I've never had a problem before. Wife's a nurse and knows what she's doing. Injected 500iu's with the diabetic needle in the belly fat. I can't feel a lump and there's no swelling or redness, just a moderate dull pain that's sensitive to touch. Slowly gotten a little worse but not really bad. Should I be concerned?

  2. is the pain area growing? first i've heard of HCG causing a problem. little perplexed.

  3. Yeah a little. been sore for about a week now, not bad, but got a little worse today. My beltline rubbing it is what makes me notice. Pain is under the skin. Not tender on the surface, just when you push in. No lump though. No redness either???

  4. Is this a first cycle? I have never really had a problem with hcg, usually its smooth as silk. Sometimes it stings just a bit as its going it though....

  5. Yep, 1st cycle. I've been running HCG through the last 8 weeks 2Xweek. 1st time I've had any trouble though.

  6. i experienced a mild version of this, when I used to do it subq.. albeit it lasted a day instead of a week. Strange.. subq has been known to leave little irritating nodules in some people.. I prefer IM in my delts with HCG.. but that's just me. Maybe massage it to break it up? I don't know.

  7. Thanks, I'll try the suggestions. Apparently nothing to worry about as far as possible real damage?

  8. well, an infection is real damage, which is the only thing that comes to mind. keep an eye on it for a few more days.

  9. Thanks guys

  10. Don't shoot it in so fast, use a slow and steady push on the plunger.

  11. Just to follow up: whatever it was, it has gone away. Pain just subsided and then was gone.

  12. hooray no infection.

  13. Thanks for the support. It really helps to know you're not in this alone. (was that too sappy? must be the estrogen! lol)

  14. no clomid for you, lol.

  15. i like IM with hcg. it works just as well and doesn't give me those little lumps. i do get those when i use hcg sub-q


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