1-test/4ad jumpstart with test cyp cycle?

  1. 1-test/4ad jumpstart with test cyp cycle?

    while in mexico i picked up some test-cyp 200mg\ml 20 ml bottle and some clomid and nolva. I was wondering if I could jumpstart a cycle with superone+ since it takes 3 weeks for the test to kick in. I was thinking of doing it moderatley to start

    like this

    6 squirts a day of superone+ for 4 weeks
    cyp inj starts 1st week and goes 8 weeks total
    nolva on hand
    clomid post-cycle therapy

    I have used superone b4 and 1-AD btw, I am 22 years old and 6 feet tall 208 lbs. Tell me what you guys think of this.

  2. Interesting theory I don't think I have ever seen that one.. but it might work pretty good.. I will have to think some more on that.. only thing I might do would be take the test cyp out to 10 weeks but that is me.

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