Phera-Plex Halodrol cycle

  1. Phera-Plex Halodrol cycle

    Anyone have any thoughts on the potential of this combination?

  2. 2 Methylated Steroids, wisely avoid.
    run them separately
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  3. You could run one for 2-3 weeks then the other. Stacking them, I would not, as my friend CED has said.

  4. I was thinking along the lines of using Halodrol in place of Superdrol for the cycle that Designer Supps. recommends for Phera Plex. I am not committed to running this cycle, but I was just looking for a little feedback into its possibilities.

  5. just because they give a sample cycle doesnt mean its safe...AE's mass gaining cycle reccomends 5 weeks of SD...which is too long IMO. Dont run them together, run them seprate, you will get more out of each in the long run.



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