Sick: 1 day w/o food/PheraPlex big deal?

  1. Sick: 1 day w/o food/PheraPlex big deal?

    Last night I couldn't sleep and I threw up at 4:00am for some reason, now today I feel like I have a terrible hang over, I don't know if I'm sick or what happened

    I haven't been able to eat anything all day except crackers and haven't taken my phera plex...will this one day make a noticable difference?

  2. One day of not taking the phera will not be a negative thing. What you need to worry about is your health. If you are too sick to take it and are throwing up, why is it happening? Once you figure that out, then you can decide if stopping your cycle is what is needed or not.

  3. Agreed Revo, now what the **** is that in your avatar????

  4. I dont know I only threw up once and felt like **** all day with a head ache and sore eyes... I'm getting better, I think it was a one day sickness thing,

  5. Well, hope you feel better bro...

    I would DEF suggest waiting 'till you feel 100 percent better. Don't want to mess around with your health...

    Or waste the dough you spent on PP...


  6. Some crazy ass dude drinking monkey piss instead of bottled water. He said it is for pussies!

  7. monkey piss + whey = get huge


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