What's best for post cycle

  1. What's best for post cycle

    I'm going to be taking T-1 pro for a 4 week cycle. I was wondering what you guys recommend for post cycle. I was thinking 6oxo, but I heard novladex was better. How is Novladex administered.

  2. Liquid nolva available at liqua-solutions.com. Taken orally.

  3. bump that great service from them too and cheap as well

  4. I went with the Nolva for my post-cycle (I'm only in the first week of a T-1 cycle). Clomid is even cheaper than Nolva and way cheaper than 6oxo, but after doing some research, I decided to go with the Nolva.

  5. Thanks for the info fella's I'm thinking of going with either nolva or clom.

  6. Good choice... Talk to ya
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  7. If you're strapped for $$ go with the clomid, you'll definitely get your $$ worth.....wish I would have known about liquid solutions on my last cycle before buying 6-oxo. If $$ is not an issue go with the nolva.....after reading the article comparing the two, nolva sounds like the better choice. I'm always strapped for $$ so I'm going with clomid my next cycle. Don't forget your flax and zinc, which you should already be taking. Also small and frequent amounts of ECA through out the day will aid in recovery and keeping gains. Good luck.


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