Cycle idea.

  1. Cycle idea.

    weeks 1-15 test e 400mg mon and thurs
    weeks 1-4 anadrol 50mg per day
    weeks 1-4test prop 100mg a day to supplement test untell the
    test e kicks in
    weeks 2-15 npp 100mg eod
    letro as needed and proper pct of course how does this look I'm open to any suggestions.
    This cycle would be for the most mass possible.

  2. that's a long time to run the npp .. that's normally a deca length .. however i have NO problem with some running it that long

    however, i would start the npp week 1 and run it through week 14 so you can end on test only as nandrolone shuts you down hard

    since you are already kick starting with drol i would run the prop weeks 14-16 then start pct 2 days after your last prop shot

  3. I wanted to throw the prop in because i've never run a nandrolone product before and was worried about the sexual sides, or the lack there of.

  4. I see no real need to run the prop with the anadrol - choose one if your main reason is just to get the cycle going.

    running a nandrolone product, you should be wary of progestin building since you're running so long - IF your estrogen levels get high enough and your progestin levels have built up you could have one hell of a case of gyno that will be VERY hard to defeat.

    Don't worry too much about the nandrolone shutting you down - the test will take care of that - by the time the test is kicking in the nandrolone should be shutting you down so it shouldn't be a problem getting it up.

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