Opinions welcome on upcoming lean mass cycle

  1. Opinions welcome on upcoming lean mass cycle

    Let me start off saying that I did a solo SD cycle and had great gains but the back pumps that I was getting were intolerable. I work heavy labor and if I cant work my ass dont get paid. That is the only reason I am not doing another SD cycle. That bieng said: I am thinking of something a little more mild. A nice 6 weeker

    Wk 1- 75 mg Rebound XT
    15 grams of CNW Cee
    1000mg milk thistle
    oderless garlic
    WK 2- 75mg reboud XT
    3 grams of CNW Cee
    WK 3- 50 mg of Rebound XT
    WK 4- 25 mg of Rebound XT
    WK 5- No rebound
    WK 6- Same

    Then come off everything minus the multi, thistle, Coq10, and garlic.

    I really am just trying to stay away from killing my liver and the back pumps. Yes I ate atleast 2 bananas and took 4000mg of Taurine every day while on the SD. Like I said, I had awesome gains and would recommend it to anyone who is responsible enough to use it. Right now I am training for wrestling and working heavy labor and back pumps are not an option at all. I will take Taurine if needed and eat my bananas. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Fellas!

    I know that I am gonna get killed so let me add it now

    26 yrs old
    14%bf ( I hate cardio but recently have gotten into slow distance running to get wind up for wrestling)
    Good clean diet (my wife is a personal trainer who is super anal about eating and I dont like to cook!)
    Training 4 years seriously

  2. don't mean to be the bearer of bad news; but that cycle would cost more than it would benefit you. run the CEE, take a multi, etc. If you are determined to do something non-hormonal than bump on over to designersupps.com and pick up the NHA stack. it'd do you better because of the Activate included with it. It increases free T levels quite a bit.

    otherwise, buy some test enthanate and run 500mg/week for 10-12 weeks. standard 40/40/20/20 nolva doseage for 4 weeks. The back pumps are not nearly as bad as SD. you get pumps, but it's easily tolerable

  3. Well, I got the enough Cee needed for 20$ and I have alot of the rebound due to the give one get 2 back deal that went on with the bad batch. So I am not spending anything else. I have read some good reports on stand alone rebound over at BB4u.com and I know that alot of the guys over there are about half useless, but one specific comes here as well. I am trying to go mild on the liver aswell. I will go to disigner to look up that stack. If I knew where to get some test enthanate with a reliable source then I would go that route. I do have some nolva on hand yet from my SD cycle that I never used. HMMMMM?
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  4. well, if your not gonna buy anything else, i guess you don't have much of a choice. good luck

  5. Not really what I meant when I said " not spending anything else" , I was replying to your statement of it not bieng worth the money. I was saying I only spent 20$ cause I had alot extra. I actually picked up some prostanz so I think I will run that and just be super carefull and say F with everything else. Thanks though

  6. not a big fan of any of the OTC stuff, costs more and is less effective.

  7. Not all of us have access to not OTC "stuff", I would much rather spend less and get more!!!

  8. I have decided not to do this, I want to go a little more into bulking as it is winter time. I will leave the "cutting" or LBM gains for March timeframe. Thanks for your help guys.


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