Any one with some knowledge pleas help!!!!!!!!

  1. Any one with some knowledge pleas help!!!!!!!!

    I read flex and other varies mags and I see thes ads for and they have products like dianabol, winstrol v and other stuff and advertisements for dianobol, parabol, equipoison, and dekka from zoelabs can any one tell me if any of thes products are legit. I have seen thes ads fore years but am wondering with the ban of pro hormones how thes are still fore sale if they do work. Ant input would be appreciated thanks.

  2. They are junk.

  3. fake and more fake. always know if they're advertising it in magazines, it's not real. in japan, i got to see one of these so-called 'dianabol' bottles in GNC. ingredients had a bunch of herbal ****.

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