shelf life of PH

  1. shelf life of PH

    What's the shelf life of PH's if you put them in the fridge but do not vacuum seal them? Is there any danger is not vacuum sealing them?

    I was wondering if I could just store my bottles inside a plastic baggie on the bottom shelf of my fridge then take them out when the time is ready. I'll make sure they are at room temp first though.

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  3. about 2yrs.

  4. what about storing transdermals at room temp? how long would they be safe to use

  5. Well, they'll always be "safe". From what I understand, they just start to lose some potency over time. I'm not sure how long they can sit though before this actually makes a noticable difference. Hopefully someone else can comment.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BLANE
    what about storing transdermals at room temp? how long would they be safe to use
    Hello BLANE, I asked Mike at BN and he told me one year. I have some bulk 4ad that I'll mixing to make it a transdermal.

  7. damn, i better get on my cycle fast, got some s1+ that im gonna stack with some sd.

  8. They should be good for about 5 years if kept in the freezer... This was what was bidng touted before the prohormone ban

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  9. mine will last forever...

  10. I honestly don't think anyone really knows the answer to that..especially for ALL the PHs out there. No one had time to test each compound under different conditions so it's all just a guess.


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