First post, been looking and researching for a damn long time. I am ready for my first cycle. I have never run any hormones before. No 1ad, no m1t, nothing.

Some stats...
325 close grip bench
425 raw deadlift
arms a bit over 18"
BF at 12-13%

My source didn't have any dbol and said he wouldn't be able to get any for awhile, so after reading lots of logs I was thinking Pheraplex would be a nice alternative to jumpstart the cycle. I have 30ml of test E at 250mg/ml to play with. I would honestly like to use it all so i wouldn't have anything sitting around the house for someone to find. I want to go 12 weeks, but that can change. From what I have read, long steady cycles seem to be where its at so thats what I am going to do. But here is the plan so far that would leave ~6ml of test.

1-4 Pheraplex 20mg ed
1-12 Test E 500mg/week (shot twice a week)
15-16 Nolva 40mg/day
17-18 Nolva 20mg/day
Adex - don't have it on hand, but if i start to bloat bad ill pick some up

Ancillaries will be taken, especially while running the PP (NAC, milk thistle, etc..). Also might add some ATD to PCT. Blood pressure will be monitored throughout and should it start to get high measures will be taken to get it down. Nolva is already on hand in case of gyno.

So hows that all look?