Blood work for Test levels...

  1. Cool Blood work for Test levels...

    I get free lab work and my doc gave me a sheet with a ton of tests listed on them as part of my physical. I'm getting a complete metabolic, coronary risk, TSH, and CBC/DIFF/PLTS tests done. I want to check off a few more for my own benefit. So what would the test for testostrone be listed as so I can check it off also?

  2. What lab is it?

  3. Westcliff Medical Laboratories, Inc in Orange County, CA

  4. I've used Westcliff a few times through a doctor, but on the paperwork I've got here, I don't have the other test abreviations.

    Sorry, I'm not sure how they abreviate it.

    If you want to test testosterone you'll want free testosterone to get a better idea of where you stand. So what you are looking for are something like "TT" and "FT".

    Check out

    They have a men's health section devoted to HRT. They could tell you what other tests are worth getting.
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    free test and bioavailble test are good ones to get along with estradiol.

  6. Total Test, Free Test, LH, FSH, Estradiol


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