Hey everyone, this is my first post on these boards, ive been reading them for a while. And got a ton of info and learned alot from them. Im going to be doing my first PH cycle mid December and would like to make sure I have all my t's crossed and my i's dotted. I will be using only 1AD. 1 bottle, 60 caps, I will not be using 1-test or 4ad because I cannot find them anywhere. As well I have some gyno from a past steroid cycle that I dont want to make any worse. I am currently in the middle of getting that problem fixed so its not a huge concern, I just dont want the doctor to look at them 1 day and think thats not too bad then look at them again and say what the hell are you on. Anyways,
My cycle will be as follows:

Day 1 - 15 1AD 200mg a day (30) ZMA, Gaba, Multivite, Vit C, Flax.

Day 16 - 25 1AD 300mg a day (30)ZMA, Gaba, Multivite, Vit C, Flax.

Day 23 - 51 Carbolin 19 2caps a day, Tribulus, ZMA, Multivite, Vit C, Flax.

Day 25 - 46 Rebound XT 75mg for 7 day, 50mg for 7 days, 25mg for 7 days.

Let me know what you think. I know its maybe week but I just want to go easy at first and see how 1AD effects me then if it goes well I will go harder at another time. I will also have liver support, redrice yeast and Q10 on hand.