oooooHHHH no....... testing.....

  1. oooooHHHH no....... testing.....

    When you go in for a pysichal and you pee in the cup........ Does that show if u have taken marijuana lately, and more importantly 1 test??? or any ph's????

    And Will they tell my parents????? lol

    I gotta find out when this is happening so I can be prepared..

  2. pretty sure there was just a thread on this not too long ago... hit a search bro, this has been discussed before

  3. I doubt a routine physical is going to drug test.

  4. Do a search, this has come up a couple of times lately... must be the season for piss testing... Also, I do think they would report the results to your parents if you are under 18 and come up hot..

  5. Hey bro do a search on google for a device called The Urinator. From what I hear, it is the ONLY sure fire way to beat any piss test. Cost like $150, but if your ass is on the line its definately worth it.

  6. He's 17, the only thing he should be worrying about is eating enough, and not missing the cup..

  7. This is very true...


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