First Time Test Prop Dosage

  1. First Time Test Prop Dosage

    I've just finished collecting all my ingredients to homebrew test prop at 100mg/ml. and was wandering what would be a good cycle for a first timer both in dosage size and duration. I've also noticed that everyone stacks their test with another steroid, is it a bad idea to start out with just prop? I don't know if it matters of not but I'm 35, 5'10" @195lbs. & been lifting for about 7 years now.

  2. we mainly say around here a test only cycle but with prop, you will have to do a bunch of pinning... 75 mg/ed would work or 150 mg/eod would also IMO

  3. I think matthewd means 150mg EOD.. as this is your first cycle. I would actually do 125mg EOD as that equals to about 500mg a week. This way you can guage how you react before you feel like you can up your dosage. 500mg/week is a good starting dosage for a beginner..especially since you're under 200lb LBM.

    Prop generally isn't a good choice for a first, as it requires a lot of pinning, as has been mentioned. Still, it would be a fine first cycle if you can handle it.

  4. How long are you running your prop? If you plan on running it for longer than 6 weeks then I'd say just use it to frontload for the first 3 weeks use enan for the duration of the cycle.

  5. Well I'm not 100% sure yet. Somewhere between 6-8 weeks. Just depends on how I handle it. I was originally drawn to prop because of its shorter half life, it just seems reassuring to know it'll be out of my system in a couple of days if I can't handle it.

  6. I did.. just noticed that I missed my O in in eod.. got to stop typing so fast.. thanks

  7. I would do 75-100mg ed. If you really wanna get things started shoot 2ml the first day and you will be good to go.

  8. Personally I'm a fan of prop for first cycles, if you can't handle the EOD pinning and the potential prop ache you might need to find a different way to get huge. Personally I like the fact that it's out of your system quickly if you find that you're having sides that you're unwilling to deal with.

    That having been said if you want you can get away with pinning prop MWF instead of an actual EOD schedule, it's not a big deal to draw that last one out for a day (less of a concern than pinning Tren Ace EOD IMHO) which means that you're only pinning one more time per week than you should be with enanthate or cyp. . .

    Personally I would do 200mg MWF for a first cycle with nolva or letro on hand to help with sides if they become an issue.



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