strength gains?

  1. strength gains?

    whats giving better strength gains mx lmg or sd? im trying to decide if i should try some maxlmg or just stock on sd

  2. Honestly i never got great strength gains off of SD and havnt tried max lmg so i cant say for that.

  3. I never tried sd but max lmg staked ergomax is a great stack for size and strength.

  4. mitch911 in the last 3 days (total number of days of your membership) you have 27 post in which you have done nothing more than leach for information about steroids that you have yet to try and know absolutely nothing about with the motive of stocking up.

    This board is a community of members who are here to live, learn and share experience about bodybuilding, lifting and supplementation use. We have a tremendous amount of discussion archived in the boards. I encourage you to start to perfrom research NOW. For two reasons: most regular and veteran members will get tired of you asking these questions that are answered in threads that are too numour to count, and you resemble a body of the population that knows little to nothing about the use of steroids and are the bad example that is used to perpetuate the legislation against them...this may piss some regular and verteran board members off very soon.

    Please begin researching to find answers to your questions. This is done by using the search function and the key word you are looking for.

    Thank you!

  5. sorry for all the quesions..i was unable to search becasue of technical problems with the site..i noticed now that it is working so i will do some research using it...srry for the repaeative questions ignorence



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