Anyone have experience with nandrolone transdermal?

  1. Anyone have experience with nandrolone transdermal?

    I am considering giving transdermal T and Nandrolone a go later this winter. I can find little if any feedback on the Nandrolone topicals. I know it takes more etc but would be interetsed in hearing anyones experiences with it.

  2. yea it would work great with test base in TD as well.....probably 200mg of test base/day and 150mg of nandrolone base/day would be a great cycle!

    =80mg of test/day (with no ester!)
    =60mg of nandrolone/day (with no ester!)

  3. Hey thanks for the info Ryan..........wondering if anyone here has ever run that transdermal cycle.

  4. I plan on it actually here before too long. Going to give my muscles a break from all the pinning and do a few transdermals over the next couple of years and this is definitely one of them. The other of course is test and tren transdermal.

  5. I use nandrolone about two months ago and got some awesome gains. I used the Dermabolics brand. After it was all said and done I added about ten pounds. I am not sure exzactly what my bodyfat was/is but I think around 11 or 12% at 190. 25 years old



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