My SD cycle..looking for suggestions/opinions/feedback

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  1. My SD cycle..looking for suggestions/opinions/feedback

    ok, so ive been on these forums now day & night, not to mention the past month ive spent, researching superdrol. i feel that i am ready & well informed for a cycle. first of all some background on me:

    im 6'0.5
    i used to weigh 155 lbs (i have a small frame/"runner's body"). i bulked up to 178lbs on my own taking NO-Xplode & cellmass along w/ protein & some test boosters such as IRON-TEK's 17-Alpha Oxo Nolone.
    my goal is to get up around the 195/200lb mark.
    my body fat is around 15% or so (im using a scale that also measures body fat so this is not very accurate).
    i hit the gym 4 times a week...hard (but i dont do cardio causae i want to bulk).
    the only health "problem" i have is i have slightly boderline high bp..but i monitor it very closely.
    that's pretty much my profile...if u have any further questions ask & ill try to answer them as best as possible.

    now for my cycle...

    i plan on doing a 3-4 week cycle of SD (depending on how im feeling the third week as far as sides are concerned). im thinking 10/20/20 or 30/(20 or 30?) the reason i put the question mark is b/c again i dont know if ill run a 4th week yet & im not sure if ill ramp up to 30mgs depends on how i feel. i also got some anabolic matrix rx. i was considering taking 3 of these before i go to sleep every night, or maybe j/ saving them for my pct? i will also be supplementing w/ red yeast rice, taurine, and milk thistle. my protein is coming from muscle milk. i will also be taking my no xplode & cellmass pre & post workout respectively.

    for my pct....

    i plan on taking rebound xt starting at 40mg. so something like this: 40/40/30/20/20. i also plan on taking lean extreme & continuing my muscle milk, milk thistle, red yeast rice, & taurine.

    i think im pretty much covered? im going to start taking milk thistle & red yeast rice tom to kind of get my body prepped & ready for the sd. if you have any opinions/comments/suggestions/or any sort of feedback what-so-ever please let me know. it is greatly apprecciated.

    now i know some of the things possibly runing through ur heads. i know im only 21 & that i may still be too young to be doing superdrol. my response is maybe, but i feel that if i am disciplined, watch myself closely, and am educated and careful ab what im doing i should be fine. i understand the risks involved & this is something im willing to do but i want to do it right (hence the reason for my post). i do workout hard (if ud like a copy of my workout let me know & ill post it) and i eat like an animal (a meal for me consists of 2 foot long ultimate subs from publix or the equivalent in food).

    phew....all this being away boys.

  2. ive decided to keep this as my log in the event anyone is interested. i know that there are other logs out there but hey, the more the merrier. plus i am not going to react the same to sd as many others have. anyways..still looking for some feedback...

  3. ok well i started taking milk thistle & im waiting for my CoQ10 to get here so i cant start taking it along w/ red yeast rice. im going to preload on these for about a week or so to kind of prep my body...

    im thinking about starting my sd cycle on friday (1 week from today). i was thinking ab loading for two weeks before taking the sd but im really eager to im not sure?

    i read on 1 of the stickies that red yeast rice shouldnt be taken on cycle..only for 2-3 weeks before & then during pct...anyone have any feedback on this?

    anyone see me doing anything wrong thusfar?

  4. sup dude, I read your info on the other log.

    I do recommend you take the following side supplements two weeks before you start, during the SD cycle, and during PCT... the supplements are the following: CoQ10, Red Yeast Rice, Odorless Garlic, Pro liver, Hawthorn, fish/flax oil and Policosanol. It wouldn't hurt to continue these supplements until you rec'v your blood work. I also consumed two serving of oatmeal a day. I took the first serving in the morning with the SD, before my workout. I took the second oatmeal serving, as my second post workout meal. I also consume Minute Maid OJ, two or three times a day because the brand I was taking has Policosanol in it. There are a lot of foods and drinks out there that you can consume, to help regulate your blood pressure and Cholesterol level, while you on the cycle.


  5. wow..thank u very much quick..u really are the man...all my supps should be getting in by wed at the latest. theyve all been shipped from & i should be getting them very very soon (cause of the 2-3 day postal shipping thing & is very good ab getting supplements to me on time). the only supp im still missing is lean extreme. I have a bottle of rebound xt for pct but thats ab all i have as far as estrogen blockers go for pct besides the other supps. i cant find lean extreme anywhere. if u know of another good pct supp i can combine w/ the rebound let me know.

    also quick, how long do u think i should preload on the supps before starting my cycle? is a week enough or should i go for 2?

    day 2 of preloading & im DYING to get on my sd cycle. im pretty psyched ab came in today..120 caps along w/ some mucle milk.

    lol sorry ab that..its kind of late & i j/ noticed u said 2 weeks before i start my sd cycle. thanks again quick..looks like my sd cycle is going to be postponed until the 7th of nov. u know what they say..better safe than sorry.

    oooh yea...also..should i cut out drinking for these 2 weeks of preloading w/ the supps or is it ok if i drink as long as i dont while on the sd cycle?

    lol sorry...last thing, i cant find lean extreme anywhere. does anyone know if SNS Reduce XT is good? it has the same active ingredients as Lean Xtreme (7-OH). i was cosidering stacking it with Rebound XT for my pct. thanks again ahead of time.


  7. anti-o's: ALA/NAC

  8. If your gonna be using RXT u need to do a certain ramping down method. Something like: 75/75/50/50/25/off

  9. Quote Originally Posted by joshua45stang
    If your gonna be using RXT u need to do a certain ramping down method. Something like: 75/75/50/50/25/off
    Yea. I read what I put up there for my PCT & just realized it makes no sense. I think I'm going to go with the 75/75/50/50/25/off deal. It seems like a safe bet. Is it ok if i just take Rebound XT along with continuing my supps or should I get a second PCT like Nove XT or Reduce XT? Or maybe something else you know of?

    I'm still loading w/ supps for now. It's driving me crazy. I stare at the SD bottle & cant wait to start, but here's my advice to future SD cyclers. WAIT. It's worth it. Plan every little detail of your cycle to the tee. Don't get impatient. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH YOUR RISKING. Either way, you'll probably have bigger gains & be more likely to keep them if you educate yourself & take the time to plan everything out as much as possible.

    Bottom line...better planning=better results w/ less sides.

    Sidenote...Today I went to CVS & picked up 1 of those MTWTFSSu pill boxes so I can put all the pills in there. A great $3 investment for this cycle.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by xxtruxx1 protein is coming from muscle milk..

    ..... and i eat like an animal (a meal for me consists of 2 foot long ultimate subs from publix or the equivalent in food)..

    ...oooh yea...also..should i cut out drinking for these 2 weeks of preloading w/ the supps or is it ok if i drink as long as i dont while on the sd cycle?
    Ok, not to be an ass, but dude, you are NOT ready to "cycle". Your "protein" is coming from muscle milk... uhm.. that's the only place you are getting protein from? That statement, and the following one about one of your "meals" leads me to believe that you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA OF HOW MANY CALORIES/MACRONUTRIENTS YOU ARE TAKING IN EATCH AND EVERY DAY. Ok, so you're a hardgainer. That's great. That DOESN'T mean that you can ignore proper nutrition and just eat everything in sight! It means that you have to work just that much extra in all areas to make things happen! You need to know exactly how many calories you are taking in, and how many grams of protein, carbs, fat you eat every single day. No, none of this "guessing" crap, I mean out and out writing everything down and planning it out before hand!

    You can't just think that taking "x" hormone will make you "hyoooge!". You need to have the proper nutrition to back up the efforts you are doing in the gym. (and not to mention a *proper* workout plan for YOUR body as well.. no, something out of a flex magazine will NOT work for you)

    Lastly, your comment about the fact that you drink alcohol, you are NOT ready to introduce an exogenous hormone chemical into your body man.

    Well hey, it's your body and your perogitive to do with it what you want, because you've already made up your mind and nothing anyone else says is going to change it. (I speak from experience, I've done the similar things). Just thought I'd throw this stuff out there for you to *think* about.

  11. No worries, no harm done. Well you are right & wrong in certian areas.

    Firstly, my only source of protein is not the Muscle Milk. That really would be a waste considering it only has 32g of protein per shake in it. This is not the only place I'm getting my protein from. I obviously do eat. Now yes, depending on the foods I eat (I tend to eat high protein foods such as fish, tuna, etc) is how much more protein I'm intaking, but if you're asking me supplement wise if this is the only place I'm getting my protein from, then yes (if you don't count Snickers Marathon bars hah). The reason I metioned the muslce milk was because I wanted people to know what I was supp'ing in the event any questions arose. I also wanted to be as clear as possible for others & myself as I will be keeping this as my log. Don't quote me on this but I don't believe that I said that the Muscle Milk was going to be my only source of protien. I do believe that what I said may have implied that. I'm sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

    As for my meals, I said this in order for people to know that I do eat well & that I'm intaking a good amount of calories. I didn't want people to think that I am one of those guys that simply goes in, lifts, & complains about not gaining mass simply because I'm not supplying my body with the correct amount of calories. I, in other words, eat. Now maybe I wasn't clear enough as to the types of foods I eat & I can see where a person would think that I eat everything in sight (which is not what I do & certainly wouldn't help). I ,again, apologize for any confusion. I do, however, eat a lot of good, healthy foods. I avoid fast food at all costs & I mostly cook. I eat a lot of pasta (seeing as I'm trying to bulk) & I also eat lean meats & peanut butter is my favorite spread. I also try to eat at about the same time every day. These are just examples of, not my exact diet.

    You are right. I do not have an exact number of the amount of calories and macronutrients I am intaking per day, and I should. I majored in Nutrional Sciences and this is something that should come second nature to me. There is no reason for me, besides my own laziness (which is a totally bogus reason), for me not to do this. I even have a professional Diet Analysis program installed on my computer. I will take your advice, brosef, seeing as this is a very important part of my results. Having a general idea of my caloric/macronutrient intake simply isn't good enough. I, in this matter, agree with you & I will modify my log/cycle to reflect so. Good call, sir.

    I am mildly insulted that you think of me as such a naive & ignorant person by saying that I think that taking "x" hormone will make me "hyoooge." I definitely do not think like this. I am not one of those people who wishes to have monstrous results in short periods of time or from simply supp'ing. I do understand the hard work & discipline that is the BASE of the pyramid. Without the proper workout & diet, I really could take all the supps I want & not achieve proper results. I simply feel that at this point in my life, I am ready to try something new. Yes, since this is my first cycle of any type, there will be mistakes. That is why I am here, to learn. I would like to make the least amount of mistakes possible considering the fact that I am dealing with my health here. That is why I apprecciate all of your comments, good, bad, insulting, whatever. Any feedback that I get on this board in my eyes is excellent because I feel that I can always learn something from it. I do not believe in perfection or knowing it all. There is always room for improvement in every area of life. That is what I am here for, improvement. There are people on this board with obviously far more experience than I do in this subject. I am here to learn.

    Lastly, yes I do drink alcohol socially. I do like to go out with fellow graduate students & have a drink or two. I also like to have a glass of wine with dinner every night as it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. I do keep my drinking limited, whether or not I am supp'ing or what I'm taking. I understand that drinking any amount does hinder my goals as far as in the gym. Therefore, I keep it to a minimum. I was simply asking if I should cut out drinking completely while im preloading the supps (RYR, Thistle, CoQ10, etc) or if I should wait unil I start my cycle. By cut out drinking I meat not touching the stuff, which I am ready & willing to do. It's really not a big sacrifice. I don't know if my question was clear enough, but the thought of drinking while ON my sd cycle was never even a consideration in my mind. I value my liver & overall health & I want to do this right.

    Yes, I have already made up my mind about wanting to do this cycle, but that does not mean I am not open to what other people have to say or their suggestions. I apprecciate any good or bad feedback from others & I approach each with an open mind ready to consider. I don't want to shut myself off & do whatever the hell I want regardless because this is my health I'm dealing with and I don't know it all and much like what happened with your comment, I believe there is always something new for me to learn.

    Thank you for your suggestion man. I must say you definitely did inspire me to get myself together & go all out with this cycle as far as monitoring my caloric/macronutrient intake more seriously.

  12. I'm not going to lie. Everything FINALLY came in!! I'm pretty amped. Looks like I'm starting my SD cycle today....

    Day 1..taking 10 mg. Going to hit the gym in about an hour. It's legs day today. I'm sure I won't really notice a difference. I'll post before+after pics at the end.

    I can see the head shaking & hear the moans & groans now. I know I should've waited the two weeks of preloading w/ the supps, but the aniticipation got the best of me.

    Not to mention I recently hooked up with my front door neighbor & I can't wait for the libido boosts. WOW..this is going to be an interesting 3 weeks.

    Balls to the Wall!

  13. Well, I agree with everything these guys said regarding your cycle.


    I also would like to recommend you read this link before you start your cycle>>>


  14. Thank you for the advice quick. I had read that thread before when I was considering the sd cycle because I was interested in how it would affect my boderline hypertension (boderline high BP). I'm taking my BP 2-3 times a day. Once in the morning, once at lunch (as long as class doesnt interfere), & once before I go to sleep. I feel I have everything else covered as far as the supplements I'd need to make sure everything is ok while on & off cycle. The only mistake I feel I am making is not preloading the supps for the full 2 weeks before beginning the cycle. I'm not totally sure this is the best thing, but I also don't think that the 2 week preloading could have THAT hard of an effect on my body because I cut it short a few days. I'm all around extremely healthy except for the BP. We'll see what happens..I'll keep you boys posted.

  15. Well, I think I was the only one doing the preloading before a cycle. The other guys just jump right into it and suffer slight or bad results with their cholesterol and blood pressure.

    It makes perfect sense to me to prep the body, to prepare the body for the changes to come. It does take time for the support supplements to kick-in.

    The prep process will give your body a fighting chance to combat the side effects.

    Some people agree with me and others don't but hey, it worked for me.

  16. quick, I definitely agree with you. I had been preloading on the Hawthorne, CoQ10, & RYR for more than 2 weeks before because, before I had even decided whether or not I was going to do my SD cycle, I was trying to naturally get my BP down a bit, which is my main concern.

    Everything else I've pretty much been doing for a few days before the cycle. I know I should've waited till the supps effects kicked in, but I was too ancy ..I know, I'm a child, ha ha ha.

    First day in the gym. Worked out legs. Here's what it looked like. Pretty standard.

    Squats 4x10
    Leg Press 3x10
    Calve Raises 3x15,12,10
    Leg Extension 3x10
    Leg Curls 3x10

    Ended up with some abs & obliques.

    Honestly, I didn't really feel much of a difference besides a stronger pump than the NO-Xplode always gives me. I mean I felt pumps in my calves & upper legs which I've almost never felt. They weren't crazy or anything but they were there. Besides that everything went as expected. It's still too soon to notice any real effect. I think ill notice an effect by Friday though.

    Tomorrow is back & shoulders. My piss is as clear as the water im drinking so I know my kidneys are filtering right. I had to drain the main vein about 4 or 5 times in between sets during workout. Everything is A+ so far. Only had 3,400 cal today though. Trying for 4,000 a day. I'm slacking, gunna pick it up.

    Oh yea, start weight: 176.0 Kg (j/k lbs of course hah)
    BF: 20.5% (not that accurate seeing as it's from a scale)

    Oops, almost forgot. I'm taking 3 caps of Anabolic Matrix RX before bed.

  17. Back & shoulders today. Just dosed. I'll post about how it went when i get back....

  18. Ok so I just got back from the gym. Today I did shoulders & back. It's day 2 of sd & everything is looking ship shape. I am feeling the pumps, that's about it so far. The pumps are insane though. Im not going to lie, I've taken Nitrix & No-Xplode & I've never felt pumps like this. I'm loving it. I'm taking No-Xplode preworkout but I HIGHLY doubt these pumps are coming from it.

    I PR'd (made new personal records in lifting) today as far as reps go. I wasn't trying to max or anything, just get between 6-8 reps. I must say I was impressed with my intensity in the gym. I wasn't aggressive, just focused. My workout looked like this:

    Lat Pulldown: 3x10,8,6
    Seated Row: 4x10,10,8,6
    Standing Front Shoulder raise: 3x10,8,6
    Reverse Flys: 3x10,8,6
    T-Bar: 3x10,8,6
    Shrugs: 3x20,18,15
    Military Press: 3x10,10,8

    Weights up .4 of a lb. It's probably water or something. Still too soon to claim any gains on the sd just yet. I slept like a BABY last night & woke up this morning feeling refreshed & like a new kid. Didn't feel tired or lethargic like I normally do. My legs were sore as **** though. This hasn't happened in a while. I was walking around campus like a ****ing penguin. Definitely a sight to see.

    No sides so far. Only thing I've noticed is that my BP slightly increased. Nothing to ride home about just yet, it happens with me whenever I start supp'ing. I'm definitely keep a close eye on it though in the event it gets out of hand.

  19. Day 3 on sd. Today was an off day from the gym. I did go to the range to hit some golf balls though. It was pretty funny. I was driving & had a 220 yrd drive but my driver broke & the head went flying 30 yrds, hah.

    Again I woke up energized today. I didn't get as much sleep though cause my front-door neighbor came by & asked if I wanted to go to the jacquzzi last night. Then we came back & saw a movie & she spent the night . I must say, even though I don't notice a change in my libido, my woods are definitely fuller & harder.

    Everything's going well so far. Still haven't really gained but it's only day 3. I'm excited for what week 2 holds. Tomorrow's bis & tris...can't wait.

  20. You're on your way. {Remember to eat high calorie carbs}

  21. Ok, so quick update before I hit the gym today for ARMS!!! (can't you tell this is my favorite gym day?)

    Anyways, I've gained 2 lbs. I'm now weighing 178.2lbs. I got around to inputting all my foods & snacks into my diet analysis program. The breakdown as very interesting. I'm taking in 3743.28 kcal a day. The breakdown is as follows:

    360.32g Carbs
    150.87g Fat
    251.67 Protein

    Ok, these values are slightly off because they do not include the Flax Oil or Muscle Milk (638 kcal per serving twice a day). These values are just for my food intake.

    I'm getting ready for the gym now. I'll post about how it went when I get back. Neighbors coming over tonight. Can't wait for that one. She can get it.


  22. I must say that gym today was insane. I worked out arms. Heres what my workout looked like:

    Inverted Grip Bench (It's like regular bench but you flip your hands so that your knuckles are facing your feet instead of your head): 3x10,10,6
    Incline curls: 3x10,8,6
    Skull Crushers/Bench Superset: 3x10,8,10
    Hammer Curls: 3x10,8,6
    21's: 2 Sets.
    Weighted Dips: 3x10,10,8
    Rope Pulldown: 2x10
    Preacher Curls: 2x10
    Abs & Obliques.

    I swear I have never, ever felt pumps like this before. This was INSANE. I felt like my bi's & tri's were going to blow out of my arms. I still haven't noticed a change in my libido & I haven't started breaking out or anything. I weighed myself when I got back from gym & I was weighing 180lbs. I'll weigh myself again tom morning to see if I'm really at 180. I bought a tape measure today to measure myself but I think it might be too late? I'll do it anyways just for the hell of it. I know it's only day 4 of the sd cycle, but I'm a little bit skeptical. I'm eager for week 2 to roll around to see if things pick up.

    My neighbor says she loves my back. Every time she's here she offers to give me a massage. Of course I take it. What better to help my muscles recoop lol.

    Everything's looking pretty good. My week 1 is going slow like everyone else's, nothing out of the norm.

    I do have 1 question though. I'm also taking Anabolic Matrix Rx before I go to sleep. It contains Diindolemethane (DIM). Can this be considered stacking two methyls? No, right? Because Methane is CH4 & Methyl is CH3. These are two different compounds...? Anyways, any feedback would be apprecciated.

    Tomorrows chest. I'm psyched.

  23. xxtruxx1,

    I'm glad that I inspired you to take a closer look at your diet. I really wasn't trying to be a dick, it was more of my way to impart how *serious* these compounds are, and that they are not to be taken lightly, EVERYTHING should be in place and working before hormones are added.

    Ok, your food. Wow... 3,743 cals per day.. and you say that is NOT including your flax oil and muslce milk shakes? Those are definately calories/nutrients, so you're going to want to include those into your totals. I personally think you should be getting more protein, but if you are saying those totals don't include two shakes per day, well, what would your total be with the shakes? They count of course. I'm more and advocate of higher (very high) protein and a more moderate intake of carbs. (Like protein at 400g per day and carbs at 275-300g per day) That said, you might be eating too much calories for your bodyweight, but if you know your body and how it reacts to that much food, then you're all good.

    As for "gains", it takes a little while, so don't be discouraged. Don't expect to blow up right away, and understand that when you do, some if it is going to be water at first. I DEFINATELY think you should do 4 weeks of Superdrol. There is NO reason to stop it at week 3!!!! Myself, and quite a few other people, think that the beginning of week 4 is the *best* time for Superdrol! Seriously, do not cut yourself short, Superdrol is just starting to reach the "sweet spot" at the end of week 3.. go through to a full 4 weeks and you'll be happy you did. (provided, like you said you are doing, that you are taking the proper cholesterol support supps).

    Run a solid PCT, and CONTINUE to EAT during PCT, and you can look forward to keeping the majority of what you gained while "on". (None of that "I'm going to try to cut some fat during pct" bullcrap.) Maybe lower cals a BIT (like 500 less at the MOST), but keep strict and keep eating and everything will be good.

  24. Red. I know you weren't. I kind of took it as a big brother looking after a little brother kind of thing, so no worries.

    Yup, those kcals DON'T include the Flax Oil, Muscle Milk, NO-Xplode, & Cellmass. I'm pretty much way over 4000 kcal, which is pretty amazing. I'm eating like an animal.

    The Muscle Milk breakdown is as follows for 2 servings:

    1276 kcals
    36g Fat (16 of which are Saturated)
    24g Carbs
    64g Protein

    So far my body hasn't had a negative reaction to this much food. I mean I do eat a lot but I don't normally stuff 4000kcal down my mouth every day. I'm ****ting every day before gym but I've always done that. I'm definitely eating much cleaner than I normally do so I'm not extremely concerned about putting on much body fat or anything.

    I'm also pretty sure I'm going to run 4 weeks of the Superdrol. I'm starting to think about the dosage. I still haven't started 20mg yet so we'll see how things go when i get on that. As long as I'm still gaining, I don't see a reason for me to up it. Time will tell.

    My PCT is going to consist of a continuance of all the supps (Hawthorne, RYR, CoQ10, etc.) Rebound XT & Reduce XT for my cortisol blocker. I'm not planning on cutting fat on my PCT because I'm planning another SD cycle around January to cut up. Of course, I'm going to get bloodwork done once I finish my SD cycle & PCT (so around Christmas time I'm assuming). Don't worry, you guys will be the second to know, cause I'll be the first. Well, actually the Dr. will be the first then I'll be second & you guys will be third.

    Well, today is chest day. I've never really had a worthy chest pump so I'm excited for what today has in store.

    Oh, something I've tried that is really simple & has done wonders for my partner & me. If you work out in a packed gym where you have to wait for benches, etc. reverse your workout. I say this because no one works out legs at my school gym (at least the guys hardly do) & at the begining of the week, everyone & their grandmothers is working out. By the time Friday rolls around, everyone is getting ready to party so no one really visits the gym & it's emptier, allowing you to hit the weights & not have to wait. Pretty sweet observation I think.

  25. So yesterday was chest day. Everything went pretty well. I feel like I had a good pump. Just a normal day at the gym.

    My weight hasn't really changed much. I'm still at 180lbs unfortunately. I'm really looking forward to week two.

    My muscles have definitely hardened. There's no doubt about that. I do feel harder & fuller. My pants are also fitting looser around my waist. Oh well.

    These next two days are off till Mon. Mon I start 20mg a day. I'm also going to up the Taurine to 2g's per day.

    No sides yet. I'll keep you guys posted.


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