1. Myo-029

    Has anyone heard anything about this? I was reading an article in Popular Science and it talked about this new drug that was going to be used for muscular dystrophy and seniors. the way it is suppose to work is by targeting and inhibiting Myostatin, the protien that regulates the stem cells that repair and build muscle fiber, letting them multiply and and get bigger unchecked. The MFG is Wyeth. It sounds very interesting but I have only been able to find limited info on it. I put in a link to a clinical trial I found.

  2. There is an article in the new Muscular Development. It's fairly lengthy and explains quite a bit about studies done so far and expected uses for it. From what I know, which isn't a lot, it's the effect on cardiac muscle tissue that might be the one detrimental side-effect. It's definitely interesting and I'm curious as to what the more long term studies show.

  3. Myostatin is pretty generalized in its effects, so inhibitting can **** your heart up big time. Some species don't get heart problems with it inhibitted, but I think every single person born with a defect that inhibits myostatin has heart problems, so unless they can make a version that's very tissue specific I think the negatives will always outweight the positives except in extreme cases. This doesn't look like something that will be useful for gaining muscle right now given it's risk reward profile.

  4. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is currently looking to start trials at twelve sites throught the US and UK. It's suppose to be randomized, placebo-controlled study with a total of 108 patients, including equal numbers of patients with FSHD, BMD and LGMD, the tree types of muscular dystrophies. I wish it would be more people but it looks like it will give them some kind of idea on how well it works and if it is able to target specific areas.

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