Injury on a cycle

  1. Injury on a cycle

    I have a bad leg injury that will prevent me from training legs for a while, maybe a month or so. I really want to start the cycle as soon as possible. Would it be a waste to start now? My cycle will be for 10 weeks.
    Keep in mind that I mainly focus on upper body anyways, I just train legs for strength.

  2. Dude, do not train your upper body and not your lower body while on a cycle. You will look stupid and no one trains their legs for strength only.

  3. I train legs for strength

  4. Originally posted by jonnyd
    I train legs for strength
    If you say would still not be a good idea for you to start your cycle while injured.

  5. What type of injury do you have?

  6. It's a wound.
    Would not training legs for a month on the cycle affect how the upper body responds?

  7. Unless its a deep puncture wound, interupting nerve inervation, I dont see how you could need 30 days to recover.


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