Injectable ALA

  1. Cool Injectable ALA

    I just put some water onto the ingerdients of a 300mg ALA-capsule,
    ran it through a sterile filter into a vial and injected ~25% of the 300mg

    It stings but I immediately felt better and thought I could breahte better.

    This idea came to my mind, since Iīve been reading in pharmacautical lecture that ALA has only 1/5 oral bioavailability.

    It didnīt all dissolve ompletely but the drops out of the filter tasted like ALA and I definately felt the sting and the effect.

    Have to look at the pharmaceutical preps which come in 3-600mg units to get it all into solution, I wonder wether the yellow residue is ALA or filler, but it smells and tastes like ALA, too.

  2. two words:

    Narcotics Anonymous.

    that's a joke.........


  3. Explanations...please!*lol*

    Well that would be a bargain-12 doses instead of 1 of one capsule.
    Of couse too much of a hassle, for daily usage-maybe- and it doesn´t dissolve well.
    But an experiment I wanted to accomplish.

    They use macrogol in their formulas ans more fluid(12ml/300mg).

  4. ALA is a mix of R and S isomers, the S is considered inert or just plain ineffective which is probably the yellow "filler"..

  5. I wonder if this might actually be a good idea if one were to use k-r-ala.

  6. 1) there is a difference between absorbed, available, blood levels etc. for instance if its working in the liver it wont show up at the blood but was it wasted? of course not
    2) ALA has a half life of half hour. just use KRala


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